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I am a creative, dedicated and dynamic young professional who is always seeking new challenges and professional opportunities. I am passionate about innovation and future trends of business models, technologies and cultures while focusing on analytical, mobile and cognitive topics in our digital transforming world to develop innovative strategies and solutions for and together with the client.
Currently, I am working for IBM as a sales representative for retail and consumer products and I am responsible for artificial solutions within this area. Besides, I pursue my master's degree in Strategic Sales Management (M. A.) at ESB Business School in Reutlingen. In 2015, I successfully finished my integrated bachelor's degree program with IBM in business information technology at Berlin School of Economics and Law. Within this time, I worked for six different departments of IBM and gained skills in marketing, social business, analytics, digital and cognitive technolgies, business development, project management, IBM products as well as programming (Java, HTML, CSS). In summer 2014, I have spend 4 months abroad in the USA working for IBM to improve my professional qualification, international experience of work, broaden my cultural and professional horizon and raise my command of foreign languages to a proficient level and to be outward-looking.

Besides my studies and my work at IBM, I am a freelancer for web and media design. With over eight years of experience in VFX and film techniques, social media management as well as design and design concepts I help my customer to succeed with their ideas. Furthermore, one of my greatest passions is music. I have played the piano for 16 years, learn to play the guitare, love to sing, used to work in different music bands and write songs. It is also my favor to dance. Since I saw Michael Jacksson in one of his music videos I can't keep my legs stick to the ground. I am dancing HipHop/Street, gave dancing courses for students and used to ballroom dance.

That was a little abstract of my life. Feel free to contact or email me at any time about projects, digital transformation or other futuristic topics and opportunities.

Hannes Ueberschär

Sales Representative for Consumer Industry at IBM
& Freelancer for media and web design

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Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Technologies


Project Management & Leadership


Innovation & Creativity


Retail & Consumer Industry Knowledge


Consultative Selling


Business Development


If you are interested in my CV/Resume or just want to know more about my qualifications & certifications just write me a short mail.


Everyone has a project, a passion or an inspiration to strive for something. Over my lifetime I have been part of different projects and initiated some of those as well.

Web-/Media Designer

started in 2016

Since I've had my first notebook I have started creating and designing in the digital world. With a lot of expierence in video production, media and web design (CSS, HTML, Adobe Series etc.) as well as brand/social media Management I inspire my clients with my creativity and bring their ideas to live.

StartUp: DroneNation


Started as a project for university some colleagues and me thought of the innovative concept of DroneNation. It is the first drone-rental-service in Germany including all kinds of requirements (e.g. insurances) and solve the problem of the German restrictions on flying drones.

Filmmaker (VFX/Video)

~ 11 years

I don't think of myself as a writer or director. I think of myself as a filmmaker. When you start out as a filmmaker, you can't really compete on a studio level but you can still tell a story without a blackmagic and bring some footages to live. You can find some of my last footages and films on youtube.

Dancing/Teaching to Dance

more than 17 years

Dance is not something you can describe. I have been dancing since I was six years old. It all started with an music video by Michael Jackson and ended up with teaching and dancing HipHop/Street in Berlin also with me founding my Show-Crew Faceless. I also used to do Ballroom dancing and have started taking salsa courses.

Music – Classic/Jazz/Modern Pop

~16,5 years

After I have started playing the piano when I was six years old my piano became my one passion that I never gave up and I am still always trying to improve my skills. I had ten years of classic piano lessons, four years of jazz lesons and love to improvize. Additionally I am still working on my guitare skills.

Mentor for students

started 2015

When I have some time I work for to help some students and young adults as a mentor to find the best fitting working environment or studies.


hours of social work


visited countries


recorded/cutted movies


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Interests & Activities

The force of passion is balanced by the force of interest. Here are some of mine.


You always have to change to unlock new value.


It's an fantastic record from an unbelievable point of view.

Dancing Salsa

I started dancing salsa this year but I already won't stop to dance.

Hotel and business travelling

I love to travel for business and also stay at new hotels.

Playing Piano

Even If I have not that much time any more I enjoy sitting at my piano and compose something new.


To travel around is one thing I will never miss and there is always somethine new to discover.

Get to know new Cultures

In business as well as private I like to get in touch with new cultures and learn about new ways of thinking.

Fitness and Sports

I love to challenge myself and as a business men there is sometimes not enough time to work oneself out.

Working (agile)

I love my job and what I do and think that is the best way to live your life.

Artificial Intelligence and Technology

I see a huge potential in cognitive technologies to help people, industries and the world to get a little bit smarter.

Event Management

My interest for event management started in grammar school when I planned proms and parties.

DJ and LJ

As Deejay and Lightjay I made my first own money and since this time I don't let it rest somewhere.

It's time to get Connected

Give me your Feedback. Tell me your Ideas. Let's Meet.

If you have a great idea, like to start a project together or even want to have an exchange for example in case innovation, technologies or something else, than feel free to contact me.